'Super Star Avenue' Taiwan's American Idol Talent Show

Lin Yu Chun Lopez Tonight Video

Lin Yu Chun performed a magical duet with Star Trek Captain William Shatner on Lopez Tonight hosted by comedian George Lopez. Singing "Total Eclispe of the Heart", Lin Yu Chun sang amazingly on the US TV show!

Lin Yu Chun Ellen

Earlier, Lin Yu Chun performed on the daytime show Ellen and spoke in English with the help of an interpreter. What an amazing week for Lin Yu Chun fans! Lin Yu Chun Sings a Guest Performance

Our favorite Taiwanese singer returned to Super Star Avenue, the show that brought him international fame for his Whitney Houston-like singing. It was a Mandarin song that he sang when he was kicked off the popular Talent TV show. Here is Lin Yu Chun on Super Star Avenue as a guest performer. Lin Yu Chun is scheduled to appear on US TV shows Ellen and Lopez Tonight. Quite an amazing story for a singer who was inspired by Susan Boyle. Susan boyle sang "I dream a dream' on Britain's Got Talent, this song motivated him to pursue his dream of becoming an international singer.

Singer Lin Yu Chun has been voted off Talent Show

Lin Yu Chun has been voted off Super Star Avenue
After choosing Western songs such as 'I Will Always Love You' by Whitney Houston, woweing the crowd with "Amazing Grace." Lin, who has been compared to Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle, has been voted off the Taiwanese talent show Super Star Avenue.

Lin—whose nickname is the oxymoron “Little Fatty”—followed up his performance of Whitney Houston’s classic love song “I Will Always Love You” with a Mandarin song, and was blasted by the judges.

“You rarely hit a wrong note. But you did today, what’s wrong with you?” said one of the judges (rather harshly, we might add) after his last performance. Ouch.

Lin Yu Chun should keep his chin up—the ousted contestant will be invited back to the show as a guest performer next week. And anyway, Susan Boyle didn’t win her TV reality show, either. And neither did Adam Lambert, and he’s become so successful in the last year, he’ll be mentoring all the Idols this week! Basically, losing is the new winning.

Though the 24-year-old Lin is out of the running for the talent show's $1 million dollar prize, he's in talks for a record deal

After he sang Shunza's Coming Home, judge David Huang said: 'You don't miss even one note usually. What's the matter today?'

Lin, a male soprano with a bowl haircut said he might have been too nervous.

Still, the show scored its highest ratings since the premiere of its latest and sixth season, as about 580,000 viewers tuned in per minute, the report said.

To make the most of Lin's popularity, producers plan to bring him back as a guest star and have asked him to attend a taping on Sunday.

Super Star Avenue TV Show

Lin Yu Chun blew away judges on the Taiwanese singing show 'Super Star Avenue' with his version of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."

Lin Yu Chun was born in March 9, 1986, now 24 years old. Lin has won several singing contests in the past. Before his appearance on Super Star Avenue, he joined another TV talent show Super Idol but was eliminated. Lin Yu Chun got into Super Star Avenue as a challenger, which is perhaps surprising since Avenue is a more popular show than Idol.

Sings Amazing Grace

On March 26, Lin Yu Chun stepped on the stage of Super Star Avenue for the first time, singing "Amazing Grace". On his blog, Yu Chun said it was a surreal experience watching himself on television. He thanked everyone's comments and suggestions from forums and YouTube.

Whitney Houston's Song

On April 2, Lin Yu Chun finally made his name singing Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You". He admitted that although he was not as stressful this time, he still sweated like crazy. Lin Yu Chun said the song was dedicated to his grandmother, but the segment was not aired on TV. On his blog, Lin Yu Chun wrote about how his grandmother raised him.

Instant Fame and Celebrity

Upon learning that his performance was aired on major media outlets in the US, Lin Yu Chun wrote, "Am I dreaming?" He was utterly flattered and thanked everyone for the support. He quoted Andy Warhol, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes," wondering if he's at the highest point of his life. According to Nowpublic.com

Lin — who is repeatedly referred to as "Little Fatty" on the show and whose name means "educate the masses" — performed in a sing-off and advanced to the next round with a score of 24 over his competitor's score of 22.

He had so impressed the crowd the previous week, with a stirring performance of "Amazing Grace," that the show's host jokingly told him to take it easy on his challenger before he did his best Whitney.

British papers have even crowned him the next Susan Boyle.

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